How We Give Back

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We believe in giving back and protecting the planet - so every purchase you make at Just Promise Rings will now help protect and save Elephants, Rhinos and other wildlife in Africa from poaching!

10% of all proceeds from every purchase made with us is donated to the exceptional registered animal charity the:

International Anti-Poaching Foundation


Elephants are incredible animals that form loving strong bonds and relationships with each other just like humans do! As a relationship, family and friends jewelry store we're very proud to help save and protect them along with other wild animals by supporting IAPF with donations from our profits.


It's estimated 100 African elephants and 3+ rhinos are killed each day by poachers. These irreplaceable and incredible animals could become extinct if we don't do something to protect them now. Because of our generous customers - you - we're helping make a difference to elephants and rhinos, as well as other wildlife species by supporting IAPF who protect and save them from poaching.

IAPF also employs and trains anti-poaching rangers by hiring local African women giving them new skills, long term employment and career opportunities for the future. These amazing women also give back to their communities and we're proud to support such inspiring, brave women too. 

Damien Mander, an Australian veteran who founded IAPF, is a passionate fighter in the war to stop poaching and protect these magnificent animals. He gave up his entire life savings to start the animal charity IAPF. We are committed to supporting his incredible organisation and their tireless dedication to save wildlife.

Read more about IAPF and what they do here




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