Shipping Policy

Last updated: 15th March, 2018


Shipping cost

Shipping is FREE worldwide for all our products! 

*Excluding promotional and giveaway items (this will be noted on the specific product's page at time of promotional or giveaway deals)


Shipping times (USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand & Canada)

Our FREE International Shipping to the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada usually only takes between 3 to 4 weeks (approximately 15-20 BUSINESS days).

We guarantee you will receive your order within 35 BUSINESS days / 7 weeks (this includes 5-7 days order processing after placing your order with us). 

Orders from the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada will also receive postage tracking.


Shipping times (Rest Of The World)

*Outside the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada

Shipping to the rest of the world usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks (30 - 40 BUSINESS days).

Occasionally items may arrive faster depending on your location and we guarantee you will receive your order within 65 BUSINESS / 13 weeks (this includes 5-7 days processing).

If you placed an order and still haven't received your item(s) after our maximum guaranteed shipping times (65 business days / 13 weeks) please contact us with your order number so we can investigate this for you.

Occasionally items can get delayed at customs, depending on the courier or during busy holiday or promotional periods. We appreciate your patience.


Will I receive order tracking?

Only orders to USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada receive order tracking.

After you place an order in our store you will first receive a confirmation email. We will then process your order within 5-7 BUSINESS days and ship it out where you'll then receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking details.

Please wait 7-10 BUSINESS days once receiving your shipping confirmation email for the shipping companies to update their systems and for your tracking data to appear.

Orders outside the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada generally do not receive postage tracking, occasionally we may provide tracking but this is not guaranteed and dependent on many factors including your location.

If you are located outside the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada and would like to know if your item will receive tracking before you make a purchase, please feel free to contact customer service and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Ordering more than one item

Your items may arrive in separate packages and on different days.

We use designers all over the world, so for those logistic reasons if you order more than one item these will often get sent from different warehouses and so arrive at different times, in separate packages. 

This also reduces the risk of any custom fees for our customers by sending small parcels through customs instead of one large bulky order.

Some packages therefore may arrive faster than others but you will receive all your items within the specified shipping times as promised.

We will also notify you by email after each item has been shipped and is on it's way to you.


If you're buying a gift for someone

If you are ordering a gift for someone due by a specific date (e.g. birthday or anniversary) please allow the maximum shipping wait times:

  • 35 business days (7 weeks) USA, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand & Canada
  • 65 business days (13 weeks) rest of the world

As we cannot guarantee your items will arrive before these times.


Where items are shipped from

Our products are carefully designed, selected, manufactured (many are delicately hand made) and shipped primarily from our designers in mainland China.

We also use some designers in the USA and Australia.




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